Extra Program Day 2: Offsite Sessions - Track C (Ginmon & Finanzguru)

4/11/19, 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM (CEST)

Experience Frankfurt’s Fintech scene!
After the Breakfast at Techquartier we will start the journey through Frankfurt - the meeting point is at Techquartier at 10.30am.
This track will give you insights into the work and office of Ginmon and Finanzguru.
11:00 Ginmon - Ginmon provides digital wealth management for retail investors both domestic and abroad
13:00 Finanzguru - PSD2 – The Rise Of Financial Services Platforms?

More detailed info on the sessions:
Ginmon: In this session we will give exclusive insights in how we use technology and algorithms to make wealth management more efficient. We will also provide the opportunity for questions and an open discussion around Fintech solutions.

Finanzguru: In Germany we already have some kind of Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) with HBCI/FinTS since the 90s. Multibanking aggregation and third party providers are not a new thing for us – but what does it mean for other European countries where these ideas are completely new? In this session we’d like to discover the huge opportunities that are arising with the new EU regulation. Therefore, Finanzguru will show a practical example how PSD2 can be used to create excellent customer experiences by aggreagting several bank accounts in one place and analyse bank data in order to save time and money for customers. After this inspiration we’d like to discuss what PSD2 means for established banks, third party providers or even for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.