Startup Demos - Frankfurt Edition powered by Techquartier (Finanzguru, Fincite, FINUX, Fastbill)

Product Demo
4/10/19, 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM (CEST)
Demo Stage

This edition of Product Demos is focusing on Startups from Frankfurt and is powered by Techquartier
Finanzguru (Benjamin und Alexander Michel) - More time & money for you
Fincite (Friedhelm A. Schmitt) - Improving how the world invests
FINUX powered by fino (Lena Justen) - Let the bank account work for the SME. We built FINUX the first CFO-as-a-service. FINUX - no numbers but answers.
Fastbill (René Maudrich) - FastBill is the end-to-end solution for small business & freelancers to simplify &
automate paperwork and accounting