Did PSD2 Cause a Tsunami that is about to hit?

Discussion Table
4/10/19, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM (CEST)
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Long-awaited PSD2 came into effect in January 2018... and nothing really changed. One could expect that regulation effects will be profound and that our entire industry will have to change. But we can see only the first small moves in this space like established players tried to avoid making mistakes at all costs (which is a terrible strategy). During the discussion, it will be explained how PSD2 removed a lot of barriers to entry for new incumbents, but at the same time, provided an opportunity for banks to drastically change the landscape. What are banks doing? What is their best possible strategy? What does it mean for Fintech companies, and how they should orient themselves in this situation? What are big tech players (Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook) doing in this space & why? Those are all questions we will try to answer!